About Us

We are an eclectic boutique that carries spectacular imported women's wear from Europe, Australia, and the United States. We are renown for our service and fashion expertise. We make women look and feel beautiful, hence a positive experience is always what we are striving to give our clients!

The brand names and quality we carry in our establishment are rare and not accessible to all boutiques, which makes our establishment very sought after for occasion dressing, parties, galas, etc. Our values are very simple—every woman is beautiful regardless of size and shape. Our job is to enhance this beauty with the right outfit, dress, etc. Once we achieve this, and we always do, our job is done.This is why our business thrives on word of mouth and why clients trust and believe in us season after season! 

We offer friendly, expert service to everyone who comes into our boutique and offer beautiful and unique collections for every type of woman. Our sizes run from size 0 to size 14 in all our collections. A stylist is always on hand to make your buying experience that much more pleasurable.We believe and stand by all our brands and their quality.

Call +1 (450) 688-2520 or email Boutique Rococo at moderococo@bellnet.ca if you are interested in learning more about our boutique in Laval, QC.